Monday, February 7, 2011

READY . . . SET . . . PACK!!!

This will be an adventure in many differing climate zones. Evenings and mornings in the Himalaya region will be chilly, while mid-day temperatures and humidity in India and Thailand will be high. South Africa will be moderate to warm, while Japan could be cool and wet. It is always better to pack light, while it is nice to have enough to be prepared and comfortable. The safaris in South Africa and India require good insect repellant, sun block and light clothing that covers arms and legs. Mosques and various holy sites in Turkey, Israel, and elsewhere will require a head covering and long pants or long skirt. We plan to each take one 14" by 22" by 12" bag which we will check, and one carry-on duffel bag. So we will bring clothing that will layer and is of light-weight fabrics; it has to be bath tub washable and fast drying. We are also bringing a laptop computer, iPad, camera, adapters and the necessary thing-a-ma-gig chords and attachments. Naturally the total items that make it into our bags won't be complete until the morning of departure and the front door is locked behind us. Naturally, one of us thinks about packing a lot (perhaps too much) as do a good percentage of those who are reading this, and one of us won't think about it any more than HE absolutely has to.

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