Sunday, May 22, 2011

Must Be Dreaming

We must be dreaming . . . . or did we die somewhere along the way and wake up in paradise?

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We were treated like Maharanis from the moment we were ferried across Lake Pichola to The Oberoi Udaivilas. The hotel is an upscaled version of a traditional palace with white, black, and green marble; jasmine scented rotundas, pools and fountains, Mughal and traditional  domes, and gardens with peacocks roaming in them. Add to this, a view across Lake Pichola of the king's City Palace, and his Lake Palace which he used as a summer retreat.

Approaching Our Palace by Jetty, The Oberoi Udivilas

Royal Welcome

Shower of Rose Petals

Pinch Us!

Tilaka (forehead marking with a "mind's eye")
 and Garlanding with Marigolds (Joy)

Jan Tibaldi, General Manager
After being royally welcomed we were told by the Assistant Manager - Luxury Experience that we were in for a surprise... "when you see your room you must explode". Our butler escorted us to...

Our Suite for Four Nights

Living Room

Office and Entry



View I from Back Terrace

View II from Back Terrace

Private, Indigo Tiled Pool
(access from both Bedroom and Dining Room)

Joan on Back Terrace after Quick Morning Swim

Our Terrace  from Bara Mahal
 (300 year old hunting lodge)

Steps Adorned with
 Cascading Pools and  Rajasthani  Sun

White and Black Marble Patio
 on Way to Outside Dining
at Chandi Courtyard 

Path from Lake Pichola

Semi-Private Pool Shared by Ten Rooms

Courtyard of Arrival and Departure

Mult-Colored Marble Steps
 to Udaimahal Restaurant


Domes at Dusk

The Trimurti,
 shows the three heads of Brahmā the creator,
 Vishnu the maintainer or preserver,
and Śhiva the destroyer or transformer on one neck

Peacock, the National Bird of India

Peacock Strutting His Stuff

Crane in Flight
(Joan Got Another Incredible Click)

We came to the realization that we could not simply stay in the resort. We needed to get out and see Udiapur. Hiring a guide and a driver we headed to the Hindu Temple and the City Palace in the center of the old city.

Hindu Women Making Marigold and Rose Garlands
 in the Front of Jagdish Temple

Jagdish Temple,
Traditional Hindu Temple

Carved, Interlocking, White Marble Blocks

Skill, Patience, and Passion
 Carved in Stone

Another Look,
 a Bit Closer

Lord Shiva the Destroyer
with His Trident and Necklace of Cobras
To Ward Off the Evil Eye,
Seven Chili Peppers, One Whole Lemon, and a Single Piece of Coal
City Palace,
Palace of Happiness

City Palace,
Palace of the Queens

Honeyed Level Yogi and Followers

Maharana (King) on Elephant,
Miniature Painting in Palace

Queen on Her Easy Chair,
Miniature Painting in Palace

Audience Room at City Palace

King's Bedroom

Queen's Chat Room
After returning to the Oberoi property we discovered the old royal hunting lodge which has been preserved and  has been "under the care of Roop Singh Ji" for the past 41 years.

Royal Hunting Lodge on Oberoi Property

Gus and the King

Joan and King Holding Hands

Night time at Udaivilas is magical. We were caught in the splendor of a full moon.

Full Moon I

Full Moon II

The City Palace at Night

Chandni Dining Courtyard at Night

The Domes of Udivilas at Night

Oh, what a wonderful experience... but, sadly, it is time to leave. Thank you to all who made this memory.

So Long, Farewell, Dekhthe Hai, and Goodbye

Pinch Us, Again!

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  1. I can't believe how gorgeous this place is!