Friday, June 10, 2011

One Last Look at Bombay

Our trip to Kathmandu, Nepal was unavoidably canceled because of weather and redirected back to Bombay. While we were disappointed, our disappointment was soothed as we once again stayed at the Oberoi Mumbai (and we were fortuitously upgraded to a wonderful suite). Here are some great clicks from our living room... no captions required...

And the lobby of our hotel from above...

However, the spectacle of the above must be juxtaposed against the inconceivable gap between rich and poor or more basically, between public health and sanitation versus contagious disease and one toilet per every 1,440 residents living in Dharavi. Dharavi is the slum in "Slumdog".

 one of the largest slums in the world

Yet, Women Picnicing in the Rain
Enjoying What They Have

Having a morning to walk and explore we spent our last hours in India visiting and viewing the sights and smells of ...

Women Cleaning Shrimp on the Street


Farmers' Market

 Market Regular

After returning to the hotel, packing, and thinking about all the moments we enjoyed, the people that we met, the sights that we saw, the factoids that we absorbed we were now ready to move on...

Goodbye Oberoi, goodbye India.

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