Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crashed But Not Lost

Late yesterday the hard drive on Gus' laptop crashed as he was backing up all the pictures we had taken since arriving in southern Africa. We have spent most of today recruiting the best and brightest of Capetonians to recover our treasured photographs and restart our blog dedicated laptop. Dratt! Delayed again!


  1. Well there you go with all that technology, mine breaks down routinely and I have not left home...LOL!

    You'll be glad to hear that through the mini heat wave the wine cellar stayed cool.

    I'm off to Portland on Thursday for 4 mom passed away on April 1st. Glad she is out of all of her suffering

  2. We're home from Peru, safe and sound. We are so tired and my luggage has not shown up yet. Waiting to regain some energy. Hoping that your computer is working now. Gus!