Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Start Spreading the News, We’re Leaving Today

It has been nearly nine months since we booked our “five-stop” RTW itinerary. We leave today! But before we are Out of Berkeley we leave behind our reliable friend Jackie Holmes, our close neighbor Diana Deikman, and Alison & Kyle as stewards of our home and domestic affairs.

Our first stop is Into Africa. We, along with our very good friends Curt & Lynn Glenn, will spend 14 days exploring the magical and vast landscape of southern Africa. The journey will begin in Cape Town, continue on to Johannesburg, venture into Botswana for viewing of awe-inspiring wildlife, allow us to experience the wonder of Victoria Falls, and enjoy a magnificent train excursion on the Blue Train.
It is our hope that we will be travelers and not simply tourists in this amazing land. If only we can be patient, respectful and gracious, avoiding anger and disappointment. We understand that loud and threatening is ugly and all too often American. "If you lose your sense of humor, nothing is funny” Wavy Gravy


  1. Bon Voyage! Looking forward to sharing your experiences through your blog. Wishing you safe travels full of unique and memorable experiences.

  2. Any good Pinotage or Steen so far?